Sweet Action

by RL Heyer

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Debut solo album from vocalist/guitarist/songwriter of Cracker Factory, The True Spokes, and Flowmotion


released December 13, 2014

RL Heyer plays guitars, bass, drums, piano, synth, percussion, and vocals, with special guests:
Scott Goodwin - Drums on Capsule
Bob Rees - Vibraphone and Wurlitzer on Capsule
Tina Heyer - Vocals on We Can't Forget Love, Song for the Top of the Mountain, and Paradise
Indy Heyer - Vocals on Song for the Top of the Mountain and Paradise

Mastered by Kevin Jenkins
Cover art by Simon Heyer, concept by Kelsey Heyer
Mixed and engineered by RL Heyer at Hit Factory, Cascadia



all rights reserved


RL Heyer Seattle, Washington

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Track Name: Capsule
You pray to god it’s a long way to the end
Your gut tells you that it’s all coming crashing down around the bend
With what you fail to justify, with what below the surface lies
It’s no surprise to see you fall in that rut again
My friend

It’s only a billion miles away
Locked in a capsule out in space
But I think it’s coming down

Oh, to go back and fix what we regret
Find the light in what is dark, decipher voices in our heads
See through someone else’s eyes, obtain our wisdom from the wise
Divine our actions by what hasn’t happened yet
‘Cause I’ll bet

It’s only a billion miles away
Locked in a capsule out in space
Don’tcha know it’s coming down
Don’tcha know it’s coming down, and all around

It’s only a billion miles away
Locked in a capsule out in space
But it’s never coming down
I know it’s never coming down
Don’tcha know I know it’s never coming down
It’s always been around
Track Name: We Can't Forget Love
For everything we learn, we forget something we knew
It seems you have to weigh old knowledge against finding something new
So many memories falling all over the cutting room floor
Though it’s not our friends or families that we’re likely to forget
And there’s just no need to worry ‘bout what hasn’t been learned yet
Lest we fall into deep regret

We can’t forget love
We can’t forget love anymore

You can memorize dates of little consequence to you
Forget all the faces instrumental in youth
See a great decline of rational behavior all across the board
You can learn the little codes they use to make you blind
But for everything you take, you’ll surely leave something behind
It’s not a cosmic tape we can rewind

So we can’t forget love (can’t forget love)
We can’t forget love (can’t forget love) anymore
Track Name: Hideaway
We’ve got to get to the hideaway
Travelling both night and day
We’ll get there with time to play, oh girl
We’ve got to get to the hideaway
Got to get there right away
It’s the finest place in the whole world

Traversed a bridge on which we had no business setting foot
We felt the sun come through the trees
Walked through the river and our feet began to freeze
Won’t you help us, please?


We hiked eight miles, hit the snow and turned around
We put our feet on solid ground
Her shoes and pack destroyed, we never heard a sound
Can you take us down?

Track Name: Song for the Top of the Mountain
This is a song for the top of the mountain
Singing along from the bottom of your feet
The beauty bubbles forth like a fountain
Where the Earth and sky meet

This is a song for the top of the mountain
Singing along from the bottom of your soul
Something you should not be doubting:
We’re dropping down to the valley below

Won’t you look at how far we’ve come
And how far we have to go

This is a song for the top of the mountain
Singing along from the bottom of your shoes
Sometimes there’s just no way around it
You’ve got to climb to get these views

Track Name: Ghostly Glow
The Sun was melting into the mirror
With clouds it painted the sky
We stared in wonder
As it sank under
Carefully leaving the last traces of its light

Onto the other orb across the ocean
Glowing orange, this giant emerged
It cried in longing
Never belonging
To the daytime, the keeper of the night

Sometimes you see it creeping through the window
Like a widow watching her children play
Her old lover was bound to the day

She tried for hundreds of years to revive him
All her efforts to no avail
But every evening
She swore she’d see him
Then he was gone, he would melt into the sea

Somehow he’d become locked in a limbo
Melting away day after day
He’d never hear her
Two million years
Had passed, her messages in vain, she’d gone insane

Painful loneliness
Endless emptiness
For the one she didn’t save
But the real surprise
She’d never realize
That it was she who’d passed away

And so she’d stare for all eternity
Her acceptance never in sight
Not her lover
Locked high above her
Her ghostly glow was locked inside the night
Track Name: The Letter
Tossed inside a case
Lost without a trace
While my words are only simple
My edges rough and wrinkled
I know that your heart is my place

Though I’m put away
Feel the words that I say
Our bond cannot be broken
When this weary engine’s smokin’
The sun will shine today

You may lose sight of the places you wanted to be
Feel the weights tied to your heart
But making this world a brighter place is your finest art

I’m the letter you lost
And if our paths should cross again
My your mind remain open
While these words are read or spoken
And love envelop your thoughts

Never lose sight of the places you wanted to see
Feel the weights tied to your heart
‘Cause making this world a brighter place is your finest art
Track Name: Paradise
Shiny monuments climb to heaven
Is this our gift to you?
Waters of the Sound will wash them down

As peace and happiness flee, bruised and bleeding
We ask, “What’s in it for me?”
As if results should show by half-past-three
There’s something we can’t see
Oh no

If paradise was staring at you, would you know?
It’s here for us to make, not take our gold and go

Consequences collide with your wisdom
Do we declare it a draw?
Drew the straw, now take your fate in stride
We’re surrounded by the slime
Track Name: Flannel Shirt
The first time I ran away
Black combat boots down the railroad tracks
Teenage angst and the longing
To be free to float through life
Just like my hooded flannel shirt

The next time I ran away
Set my bible down on the stairs and ran
Up the rocky, moonlit hillside
To the railroad tracks, then I heard my father right behind me
He had torn my flannel shirt

We’ve all made some awful choices
It’s not the same as evil intentions

Now, I’ll never run away
If you run too far, you’re right back where you started
Like the sun shows its face to everyone
Its warming glow can do so much more
Than a flannel shirt